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Sugaroil is a 2D plateformer taking place in an original univers (fantasy/SF). You are playing a "Glitzch", a weird little creature who have one job : get to the Center where she come from, collecting datas, as quick as possible.

The game is in pre-alpha, I wanted to share the core gameplay. The narration is not developed yet.

I would be glad if you let me know...anything ^^' !

Thx !


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I'm sad to say that these are the worst keyboard controls I have ever laid my fingers upon. Right is D. Fair enough. Left is Q. What? That makes no sense on a qwerty keyboard, and honestly, I can't think of any keyboard scheme that uses Q and D to move. Did you mean to map that to A? E instantly terminates the game!? Shift was never introduced, and I only found it by pressing everything on the keyboard (and then exiting the game because of E). Overall, this was a nightmare to control. It took me so long to figure out how to move left (I tried left arrow and A for WASD), that I assumed it wasn't there, and proceeded to bump my head into the wall for five minutes. Maybe introduce customisable control scheme, or just make the default scheme useful? The game looks incredible, but I found it almost unplayable on a keyboard. I'm not generally one for hate, but when something looks so amazing, but controls so miserably, I can't help but be sad =( 

The breaking point for me was when I struggled my way through the tutorial, was instructed to press x, but that was on a gamepad and keyboard x didn't do anything. I continued to press everything, searching for the button to end the level. In my search, I accidentally pressed E, which closed the game and lost all my progress through the level. 

Please fix...

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Fair enough and thanks for your comment. I must say that I mapped keyboard controls quickly, and without paying enough attention. I just wanted to integrate that.
The game is reallly mean to be played with gamepad, and I will be more careful on this in the next release.
Thanks to you, that what I expect from a pre_alpha, and will fix that as soon as possible. I'll let you know.

Fixed. The game is still very hard to play on keyboard. Feedbacks are confirming that the game is too hard too quick anyway.

Gave it a go...


Man you make me laugh so much (not like "evil laugh on your suffering", like real laugh). The ones who play just quit or don't, I don't know if I should make it more friendly or not. Obviously, I could tweak controls to make em better, but as you said "it is what it is", and I want to keep em tenses and fasts. I have to work the boss design too, it's crazy (but you passed it, no?). The ranking need an improvment too, that's ok.
It's funny how you passed some parts by magic lol, ggwp.
So big thanks for this video, very cool and clean, thanks for playing, thanks for sharing !

Thanks for enjoying the my "suffering" Blackout, glad I could make you laugh. Honestly, I say you should keep it the way it is. I mean, the 4 second time-frame is a bit awkward to get used to, but it works. I still think there should be some kind of upgrades though. Maybe speed boosts for characters, time slow down, etc. It's your game, so do what works for you. And that boss at the end, man...screw that shyt. Oh yeah, and maybe a combat system for stuff like that as well. I don't know how you work with that, but I'm sure it's possible. And at the end of the day, that was all skill, not magic. Keep up the great work though, and keep in touch.


That kind of features would definitively works yes. A combat system would be such a big thing, and I'm really not sure about it. But items or littles QTE to help during combats, I like the idea...
I'll do something for the boss, it's maybe to much :p.

So, yeah, I'll keep all that in mind when I'll go back full-time to the project, hopefully in a few month. I have to make money :/. In the meantime I'll post some news !
Thanks a lot for your feedbacks, it really helps, in many ways.

Can't pause the pink. I wish we knew what's on the data pickups. :)

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Actually, narration is not implemented yet, I keep that work for later versions ;).
The thumbnail of your video is awesome by the way !

Pink and erratic, looked like a good fit. :)

It does X).